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HAPPY Reading Camp is the creation of a dedicated literacy educator (who happens to be a mom, as well) who wants to see all children succeed in reading and in life. Some of us are fortunate enough that we already LOVE books and learning. This camp is perfect for those who want to celebrate good books and enjoy them with friends.

Some of us have had struggles with reading and haven't had the experience of knowing good books as good friends. This camp is for those who can really benefit from some close, personal instruction to help turn literacy challenges into strengths before another school year rolls around.

And some of us are just somewhere in between... but at risk for the summer slide that happens every year, claiming previously mastered skills of thousands of learners. Send your kids to HAPPY Reading camps so they can maintain what they've mastered, build new skills, learn, grow, thrive, and start school with a big, wide, HAPPY smile.

Most kids who join us for this one-of-a-kind day camp experience will increase their reading ability by AT LEAST one guided reading level per week. And they will enhance their overall literacy skills including: Speaking - Listening - Reading - Writing

Reading work will be comprehensive, spanning: Motivation - Decoding - Fluency - Comprehension

Camp enrollment is open for kids aged 4-12. Each camper should dress appropriately for the camp theme (details will be provided before camp begins) and bring a packed lunch as well as two drinks (refrigeration will be available at most or all sites). Each camp is a full-day experience, from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Most presentations and literacy instruction will occur in the middle of the day, but we hope campers will choose to stay as long as possible each day, to get the maximum benefit from what we offer.

Register now for all these benefits:
*Customized reading instruction delivered by credentialed reading specialists
*Learning-conducive instructor-student ratio
*Interactive introduction to famous people in history, sports, visual arts, music, science and more
*Reader's theater to improve reading and performance skills, too
*Immersion in good stories and great literature
*Discovery of appealing books that match student interests and developmental reading level
*Support for all literacy skills
*Art and games that fit the individual camp theme
*Caring, responsible, experienced staff-- committed to bringing out campers' enthusiasm and excellence

Great care with appropriate background checks and camp security! We care for your children like they are our own!
Ideal camp for those who:
*Love reading
*Can use a boost in their reading skills
*Enjoy learning about what interests them most
*Like spending SOME time being active outdoors
*Would benefit from fun and entertainment that don't require a screen
(although some of our activities will involve technology)

Reading and Science (Inference and Writing Skills)
It Adds Up to Reading (Beginning Math) (Comprehension and Fluency)
Reading and Service Learning (Imagination and Perspective)
Reading and Sports (Motivation and Preparation)
Reading and French (Decoding and Comprehension)
Reading and Music (Fluency and Spelling)

Reading Times Fun (Multiplication +) (Comprehension and Fluency)
Reading with a Green Thumb (Motivation and Vocabulary)
Reading and Spanish (Decoding and Comprehension)
Reading for the Young Author (Comprehension and Writing Skills)
Reading and Visual Arts (Motivation and Comprehension)
Reading and Media Arts (Writing Skills and Confidence)

Reading and Computers (Decoding and Comprehension)
Reading for the Young Entrepreneur (Persistence and Focus)
Reading and Spanish II/French II (Decoding and Comprehension)
Get Cookin' With Books (Motivation and Math)
Get a Kick Out of Books (Martial Arts) (Motivation and Focus)
Reading and Performance Arts (Fluency and Confidence)

Reading and Courageous Kids (Comprehension and Writing)
Get a Kick Out of Books (Motivation and Focus)
Reading and Puppetry (Decoding and Confidence)
Reading and the Budding Engineer (Comprehension and Confidence)

Reading and Sports History (Motivation and Preparation)
Reading and Service Learning (Imagination and Perspective)
Reading and Puzzles (Strategy and Comprehension)
Reading and Gaming (Strategy and Comprehension)

Campers may enroll for one week or multiple weeks at any of the camp locations. Please take care that you do not choose the same week at two different camps.  The payment scale (shown on our Paypal drop-down menus and on the final page of the registration form) reflects discounts for multiple campers and/or multiple weeks. Weeks of enrollment do not have to be consecutive. To enroll, please complete one Camp Registration and Medical Consent form for each camper. You may pay collectively online or by mailing in a check. But there MUST be a separate registration form for each camper. Early bird registration saves you the one-time, additional registration fee of $25 per camper, which will be due for each camper enrolled after June 1st. The one-time, additional fee increases to $50 per camper after camps have begun on June 19th.

All campers will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Both payment and registration form(s) are required for the enrollment process to be complete and space reserved. HAPPY Reading reserves the right to cancel or relocate camps if there are extenuating circumstances, such as not having enough registrants for camp to proceed as planned. We will make every attempt to avoid any such changes, but in the event of such changes, you would be entitled to change to a new date and/or location at no additional charge or receive a full refund. You will note on the registration form that you're asked to make a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice selection during the same camp week, so that we can provide an alternative theme, should your 1st choice become unavailable.

For our families' convenience, we may be able to offer some payment flexibility, such as an installment arrangement. Also, a limited amount of scholarship assistance may be available for those with financial constraints. If our camp might benefit your child, we'd love to discuss options to see if we can arrive at a solution that works for everyone. If you would like to discuss possible payment options, please contact us at lovebooks@happyreading.org. You may also call us at 804-912-0896 and leave a message. You will receive a return call within 24 hours.

This camp is under the complete management of HAPPY Reading and NOT the individual camp locations. Please do not contact them with questions.

We look forward to welcoming your child or children for wholesome, healthy, energizing, and engaging experiences this summer while making a significant, positive difference in your child's literacy skills. We are committed to providing an amazing, enjoyable and memorable experience that will not only provide lasting, HAPPY memories, but also measurably significant improvement in literacy skills and attitudes. We are so excited about being of service to you and your HAPPY Campers.



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